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ISEM Fashion Business School publishes "The Fashion CEO's Agenda", a business report with the key issues that will shape the fashion industry.

27 | 04 | 2022

ISEM Fashion Business School has just published "The Fashion CEO's Agenda", a fashion business report prepared by the business school of the University of Navarra, with the depth, rigor and impartiality provided by the academy. Professors from other prestigious schools around the world collaborate in the publication, such as IPADE Business School (Mexico), Parsons School of Design (NYC), U. of Florence, U. of Santiago de Compostela and U. della Svizzera italiana.

In Fashion CEO's Agenda 2022, the researchers analyze the key issues that will shape the fashion industry in that year, will help fashion company executives to quickly understand the most relevant issues and trends they need to address, and provides some indications on how to address them.20 company executives have answered a questionnaire to confirm these approaches.

In the last two years, the fashion industry - like so many others - has had to adapt at breakneck speed to new contexts that could not have been foreseen: the pandemic, the war in Ukraine... However, this study aims to delve not so much into the most obvious changes, but into the underlying trends that are here to stay.

The focus of the study is omnichannel, taking into account all fashion subsectors (textile, footwear, leather goods, jewelry, perfumery and cosmetics, fashion optical industry, among others), with the idea that it will become a useful tool for decision making in the fashion industry.

Since its inception in 2001, ISEM has achieved a unique balance between specialized knowledge and practical experience, enhancing the dimension and richness in the professional development of those who drive, from relevant positions, the future of the fashion industry.

Download report "The Fashion CEO's Agenda 2022".