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María Teresa Sádaba Garraza

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Areas of interest

Politics and fashion

Media and fashion

Fashion, cultural appropriation and intellectual property

Fashion, power and social justice

New forms of communication

Reputation and crisis management

Sociology of fashion

Editorialization of fashion brands

Evolution of fashion consumption

Female leadership in the fashion industry

Sports and fashion

Consumer trends


Teresa Sádaba is dean of ISEM Fashion Business School (University of Navarra), where she also teaches strategic communication for fashion companies.

Degree in Journalism (Universidad de Navarra) and Political Science (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, UNED). She was a research scholar at the London School of Economics and Political Science (1998), and at the University of Texas, Austin (1999). In 2001 he defended his doctoral thesis, with the title "Framing theory from a symbolic perspective. Una propuesta de estudio para los medios de comunicación" (Framing theory from a symbolic perspective. A study proposal for the media), which received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the School of Communication of the University of Navarra. 

In 2001, she was a member of the research group for the European Parliament on "Globalisation of the media industry and possible threats to cultural diversity". In 2004, Fellow of the Salzburg Seminar Session 417 "Strengthening Democracy and Governance: Women and Political Power", and in 2005, she was selected by the US State Department to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program "State and Local Government". 

From 2004 to 2007 she was Deputy Director of the Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra, a program she helped found.

In 2006 he was awarded a Fulbright grant to carry out a research project at George Washington University on lobbying in the USA and Europe.

From 2007 to 2011, he combined his teaching activity with the management of institutional relations in the management office of Caja Navarra; a period of time in which he would become Banca Cívica and develop internationally, an area in which he worked actively.

She currently combines her position at ISEM, where she teaches strategic communication for fashion companies, with that of professor at the Faculty of Communication of the University of Navarra and the Universitá della Svizzera Italiana. She is also a guest lecturer at Université Paris XII and George Washington University, among others.

Over the years, her academic research has focused on Framing theory and its application in strategic communication in different sectors such as politics, banking and fashion companies. She currently works on issues of politics and fashion and new developments in communication and leads the Digital Fashion research group.

Professor Sádaba gives numerous conferences and seminars of an informative nature, as well as sporadic collaborations in the media.



Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


SanMiguel, P., & Sádaba, T. (2018). Nice to be a fashion blogger, hard to be influential: An analysis based on personal characteristics, knowledge criteria, and social factors. Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 9(1), 40-58.


Woodside, A. G., Mir-Bernal, P., & Sádaba, T. (2023). How democracy and authoritarianism impact nations' QOL and happiness: Applying complexity theory tenets in building and testing case-based models. Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, 8(4), 100428.


Research article

Fashion empowering women: Sterotypes in the TV dramedy series House of Cards, Suits and Emily in Paris
Teresa Sádaba, Carmen Azpurgua, Pedro Mir Bernal and Patricia SanMiguel

Aplicaciones anidadas


Research article

100 years of fashion activism: From the women's suffrage movement to the US 2020 Elections
Gabriela Ambás & Teresa Sádaba
Year: 2021


Research article

Cultural Appropriation in the Digital Context: A Comparative Study Between Two Fashion Cases.
Teresa Sádaba, Valeria LaFata & Andrea Torres
Year: 2020


Research article

Fashion communication: between tradition and digital transformation
Lorenzo Cantoni, Teresa Sadaba-Garraza, Nadzeya Kalbaska
Year: 2019

Aplicaciones anidadas


Research article

The Adaptation of Species in the Fashion Media Ecosystem: The Case of Vogue
Marta Torregrosa & Teresa Sádaba
Year: 2023



How to understand U.S. politics. A guide to good political communication
Teresa Sádaba
2023. Aula Magna Publishing House



Framing: the framing of the news. The terrorism-media binomial
Teresa Sádaba
La Crujía, Buenos Aires, 2008